For bigger arms, most guys do concentration curls and triceps kickbacks. But you can do these lifts to death, and your arms still may not grow. The solution isn’t more sets and reps, but a new approach: compound movements like presses and rows. You’ll finally get the arms you’ve dreamed of, while working the rest of your upper body at the same time. How It Works: These compound exercises hit lots of muscles at once, causing your body to release a wave of muscle-building hormones. Most of the exercises focus on other muscle groups (such as chest, shoulders, and back), but they provide plenty of arm work. To satisfy your desire to curl, we’ve included a few exercises that target the arms directly. Directions: Frequency: Perform the workouts (Day I and Day II) once each per week, with at least two days in between. You may perform lower-body training on the off days. Rest as needed between sets and use the heaviest loads possible with good form. Do the workout for six weeks. Time Needed: 40-50 minutes Do It: On Day I, do straight sets, completing all sets for one exercise before moving to the next. On Day II, perform the exercises as supersets, completing the paired moves (“a” and “b”) back-to-back before resting 45 seconds. (Exercises 2 and 3 on Day II are the exception; perform them as straight sets.) Use lighter loads and focus on doing the reps. The Workouts:


Day 1 Day 2