Even if you're not running around shirtless or in tanks and polos, one can argue your arms are still on display all-year round. Women can sneak peeks at your physique through dress shirts, but only an impressive set of guns will be catch her eye through flannels and bulky sweaters. Lucky for you we've got 10 arm-specific routines, courtesy of celebrity personal trainer Chase Weber, that'll make it pretty damn hard for her to keep her eyes, and hands, off you. 

Prescription: "Depending on what your goals are, biceps and triceps days should be done 2-3 times a week," Weber says. "If you're not a regular lifter, develop a consistent workout regimen before progressing to these types of bi-tri workouts," he says, "adding bicep movements at the end as an accessory."

Expert tip: "Be sure to get full extension on all movements to elongate the muscle and use different shoulder positions," Weber recommends.

Dynamic warmup: Complete about 5 minutes of glute activation exercises, then another 5-7 minutes of the remaining exercises before every workout.

- Glute Activation with Mini Bands (With one band around your ankles and another just above your knees, rotate and draw your knees in and out; step and tap one foot back and forth; or walk side-to-side and straight in a line.)
- Inchworms
- Butt Kicks
- High Knees
- Lateral Lunges
- Single-Leg Heel Touches
- A-Skips
- Supermans 
- Any ab exercises of your choice x 150 reps