High-intensity interval training is known for its total-body fat-torching effects, even when you’re very short on time. When you choose exercises that focus on your lower half, not only do you get the muscle-building benefits for your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, you also work the largest muscles in your body for a huge metabolic boost.

How it works

“In this workout, strength exercises, like the walking lunges and squats, as well as plyometric exercises, like jumping lunges and jumping squats, work both legs strength and explosiveness in the 10-minute time frame,” says Mark Beier, co-director of training at Shred415 in Chicago, who designed the routine. “When combined with the running intervals, this type of workout will surely elevate your resting heart rate post-workout for a major caloric burn.”

Once you’re comfortable with the moves, feel free to up the challenge by loading your squats, deadlifts, and lunges with dumbbells for even more intensity. On the runs, go as hard as you feel comfortable going to raise your heart rate and your body’s need for oxygen, which in turn burns calories.