Between all the superhero movies and action flicks roaring across the silver screen these days, it's pretty easy to see that Hollywood's biggest action stars are looking more jacked, diced, and ripped than ever before.

These charismatic, multi-faceted Men's Fitness cover stars—guys like Hugh JackmanChris Pratt, and Joe Manganiello—all carved their own incredible physiques that have, in turn, helped them land prominent roles in some of Tinseltown's biggest blockbusters.

So how can the average guy get a ripped physique like these dudes? Simple: Use their workouts.

Following these intense routines (with a diet to match) can definitely get you results. Take a spin through the following gallery of these guys and find a workout (or multiple workouts) that match your goals. We're not guaranteeing any movie roles—but hey, it can only help.