You can’t get a six-pack quickly, but you can work your way toward one with fairly short workouts—if you put in the effort. That’s where high-intensity interval training can come into play. By alternating intense isometric work (in the form of planks), targeted bending and twisting actions, and high-energy core cardio (mountain climbers), you’ll tax the core muscles in every way.

“Each move complements each other to target your entire core, which will help sculpt your six-pack,” says workout creator Derek DeGrazio, trainer and managing partner of Barry’s Bootcamp South Florida.

Even though you’re going for time with these bodyweight moves, you still want to focus heavily on your form, making every rep count. Enjoy those rest periods—your abs will scream for a break as the workout goes on.


Complete the 15 exercises below in order, taking a 30-second rest every two exercises.

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