Take whatever workout routines you've been following for the past few months (or years) and put them off to the side for now. It's time for a real test of your physical and mental strengths.

This one-off workout will break you from the typical grind which, let's be honest, isn't really that much of a challenge anymore. Get ready to push past your pain thresholds with this punishing CrossFit-inspired 20/10 workout. If it sounds intense, that's because it is. But don't worry, you can take on the challenge at your own pace, keep an eye on form, and track your progress over time.

Wyatt Kreuger, a Level-1 CrossFit instructor, owner of CrossFit Amherst, and contributing expert to Men's Fitness and HUMANFITPROJECT gave us this CrossFit-inspired muscle burner.


Complete all exercises as one circuit. Rest 30 seconds in between circuits. Complete for a total of 5 rounds. Depending on your ability, you may shorten or lengthen the rest period.