Body Parts

Step-by-step instructions

1. Attach a suspension trainer to a sturdy overhead object and lengthen the straps to a point at which you would to do pushups.
2. Grasp the handles and get into pushup position with hands under your shoulders. Your entire body should be straight and your core braced.
3. Bring your arms out to your sides as if you were giving someone a bear hug. Lower your body until you feel a stretch in your chest and then bring your arms together again. That’s one rep of the flye. Perform three reps.
4. Now, from the starting position, open your arms but keep your elbows bent so that the move looks like a combination of a pushup and a flye. Press yourself back up. That’s one rep of the bent-arm flye. Perform three reps.
5. From there, return to the starting position and perform pushups on the handles. Perform three reps. All of the above equals one set.