Traveling doesn’t mean taking a break from staying strong and healthy. Even if you are staying at a hotel without a gym, if you can find a little floor space in your room, you can get in a good, sweaty workout.

You can take any of these workouts up a notch by adding found weight. For example, if you’re traveling with a backpack, put it on your back or hold it to your chest and do your squats and push-ups with weight. Hold it over your head and add a little extra muscle to your sit-ups. Wear it on your run or up and down the stairs. Get creative!

Each of these workouts are intended to be done with little to no rest between exercises or rounds. If you need to take a breather or a sip of water, do it, but then get right back into it!

Take a look around your hotel room—there are probably a bunch of things you can use to add some challenging elements to these movements (put your feet up on the bed or a chair to turn your pushups into decline pushups; try plank-to-pushup on the couch or bed to add some instability; fill up the ice bucket and hold it overhead or to your chest for squats and sit-ups. (We’d recommend leaving the art attached to the wall and breakable vases in their rightful spots.)

Here are some great WODs that take advantage of some of these ideas. 

Alyssa Ages is a strength coach at CrossFit Metric and athlete with PowerNYC Training.


10 rounds:

10 air squats

10 pushups

10 sit-ups


For Time:

800m run*

10 split squats, each leg (using a chair or bench)

20 v-ups

30 jumping jacks

20 v-ups

10 split squats

800m run

*if you can’t run outside your hotel or on a hotel treadmill, a) locate a stairwell and run up for 2 minutes and then back down or b) alternate between mountain climbers, high knees, and tuck jumps for 3 minutes


15-minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible):

5 burpee tuck jumps (add a tuck jump at the end of each burpee)

10 dips

15 air squats

10 hollow rocks


5 minutes:

As many burpees as possible


4 rounds:

60 seconds plank-to-pushup

50 high knees

20 lunges

10 hollow rocks