Just because you've made it to day five of the Upper-body Pump Challenge it doesn't mean you're done putting in the work.

On the last day of this program from Prince Brathwaite, personal trainer and founder of Trooper Fitness, you'll hammer your back, biceps, and core with eight intense, upper-body moves. And if you're not doing this workout as part of the week-long program, you can incorporate it into your regular routine and still build big muscle.


Perform the exercise pairs (marked A and B) as supersets. You’ll do a set of A and then a set of B before resting. Repeat for all the prescribed sets. Exercise 1, the weighted pullup, is done with conventional straight sets.

For exercises 2A (the wide-grip bentover row) and 4A (the dumbbell curl), you may add bands for extra resistance.

For exercise 3B, alternate between the star plank and the regular plank, as shown in the video.

For exercise 4C (the weighted situp), you may use dumbbells, a kettlebell, or a barbell—whichever you have on hand.

Depending upon your ability, you may increase or decrease the rest periods between supersets.

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