Feeling a bit deflated in your upper body? Maybe you've skipped the gym one too many times in the last few weeks, or maybe your regular routine just isn't cutting it.

Either way, Prince Brathwaite, personal trainer and founder of Trooper Fitness, can help fix that—but only if you put in the work. The best way to start: By crushing day one, which focuses specifically on the chest and triceps, of his Five-Day Upper-Body Pump Challenge.

You can attack the first day of this workout program on its own to really focus on your pecs and triceps, or you can commit to the full five-day program to build a seriously jacked upper body.


Perform the exercise pairs (marked A and B) as supersets. You’ll do a set of A and then a set of B before resting. Repeat for all the prescribed sets. Exercise 1, the bench press, is done with conventional straight sets.

Depending upon your ability, you may increase or decrease the rest periods between supersets.

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