Strong hurricanes require a healthly environment and the right atmospheric nutrients. Not much different than the human body: We need a healthy dose of daily workouts, plus the right foods to fuel up.

June 1 marks the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season. Tropical systems begin to come to life in the Gulf of Mexico, the Carribean, and in the eastern Atlantic off the Cape Verde islands. Some fizzle out, and others grow.

The following "hurricane workouts" were designed by holistic trainer Joe Rodonis (@JoeRodonis) to test your strength and conditioning based on your fitness level.

How it works

A category one hurricane workout is best for beginners, a five is a nice test for advanced athletes, and a three is a nice intermediate challenge.


You can use one of these workouts as a finisher to your regular routine, or as a supplemental routine for a quick sweat. Aim to improve your time and efficiency with each week of attempting the workout.

Tops and bottoms by 2(X)IST
Footwear by New Balance