Think about what you can accomplish in just five minutes: download half a song on dial-up. Venmo 40 friends. Nuke a Hot Pocket. Now add to that list “thoroughly train your midsection”—although, if the plan is to sculpt visible abs, you’re better off skipping the Hot Pocket.


Complete three rounds, and rest only as needed.

  • Beginners: Perform 10 reps per exercise for all rounds.
  • Intermediate: Perform 30 reps per exercise in Round 1; 20 in Round 2; 10 in Round 3.
  • Advanced: Perform 30 reps per exercise for all 3 rounds.

How it works

This abs-blasting routine, designed by L.A.-based fitness trainer Andy McDermott, founder of McDermott Family Fitness, takes only about five minutes to complete—but it’s a fairly painful five minutes for your midsection. “This has been a favorite of my clients for many years,” says McDermott. “It’s crushing.”

With its high reps and little rest, it works the abdominal wall from top to bottom. Standard crunches hit up high; toe touches do, too, while also engaging down low. And reverse crunches, the finisher, zero in on the stubborn lower abs.

“Difficulty can be modified by number of reps and tempo,” McDermott says.