When you arrive at the gym and all the iron is occupied, it’s easy to chicken out by walking back to the locker room, changing, and leaving. Option 2: you man up and use the TRX station. Suspension trainer recruit a ton of muscle, and fix imbalances quick, leading to bigger muscles and healthier joints all around. Try this workout from Andrew Sakhrani, CSCS, and be prepared to sweat. A lot.

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DIRECTIONS: Perform all 5 moves in sequence without resting in between. Rest, 1 minute, and repeat until 4 circuits have been completed.

1a. Suspended Push-Up, 4xAMRAP

1b. Suspended Tricep Extension, 4xAMRAP

1c. Suspended Inverted Row, 4xAMRAP

1d. Suspended Bicep Curls, 4xAMRAP

1e. Suspended Reverse Flye, 4xAMRAP


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