Though your arms house your triceps and forearms, it's the biceps that most guys tend to want to blow up first. And while those other arm muscles are also key to a great overall physique, you can't necessarily spot-treat one area in particular, you can zone in on your biceps to fast-track those cannonball arms you're after. The following workout will do just that.

Now, you know the good ol' biceps curl is true to its name in that it will help you to grow your biceps. But you don't have to stick to the same standard curl every time you hit the gym. You can work in variations like the Seated incline dumbbell hammer curl (see exercise 6) and the Alternating biceps curl with twist (see exercise 4). For 10 more variations on the biceps curl, click here. What's more, there are other great exercises that work your biceps while also hitting other major muscles groups. Take the chinup, for example. While it primarily hits your lats, it will also attack your biceps, core, and back.

And while a bodyweight row is typically thought of as a great back-builder, it can also size-up your biceps—if you know what you're doing. Use an underhand grip to get your biceps more in on the action. 

So blow up your biceps and attack your back, core, shoulders, and more with these six moves. Work them individually into your existing upper-body routine. Or complete all six, one after the next, as part of one cohesive workout. Follow the rep and set recommendations that follow.

Workout courtesy of Nick Rodocoy, CPT, a New York City-based trainer.