When's the last time you surprised yourself in a workout? We don't mean by things like scoring a new bench press PR. That's great and all, but can you recall a time you identified a weak spot or tried something new, like a class, that really surprised you in the best of ways? 

No? You're among good company. Most of us fall into a routine that works with our schedule, complies with our strengths, and (at least for a while) provides noticeable results. Problem is that comfort zone isn't conducive to building new muscle, illuminating imbalances or weaknesses, or keeping you engaged in your workout. Things get boring, your muscles adjust, and over-use injuries can occur. 

So, take this as a challenge to break your routine. Don't obliterate it—just step outside of it once and again to refresh your mind, wake up your muscles, and get some areas working that might not see much action in your current regimen. Take a look at these seven novel workouts. We're willing to put money on the fact you've never done half (probably more) the ones we've highlighted. Give 'em a go.