You're lifting more weight, running further, and feeling less and less exhausted with every session in the gym, on the trails, or wherever it is that you choose to get that workout in. Progress: It's an energizing feeling.

But if that progress slows or stops—and that does sometimes happen—it's time to throw your body a curveball. You need something your mind and muscles don't expect, or haven't felt before—a new set of exercises and the mental element of a grade-worthy test.

Created by holistic trainer and fitness model Joe Rodonis (@JoeRodonis), the Athletic Gauntlet was specifically designed to break up any workout monotony, and provide you with an alternative way to assess your conditioning level. Looking for a good time to beat? Rodonis' best time for completing the AG is approximately 11 minutes.

How it works

The Athletic Gauntlet is a physical fitness test with assorted exercises and exercise variations that will challenge your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.


Complete three rounds of the following 10 exercises listed below as quickly as possible without breaking form. Try to run through the challenge every 2–3 weeks on 1–2 days of rest. Your goal: Improving your completion time.