When you put a time constraint on your workout, you work more efficiently and you work harder; that’s the game-changer, because the intensity of your workout is really what supercharges your capacity to burn fat both during your training sessions and in the hours after they’re over. So instead of focusing on the weight or volume of your reps, race the clock and work harder.

How it works

These workouts will feel more like a game than a training session. You’ll either work to complete as many rounds of a circuit of exercises as possible in a specified time, or you’ll try to do a set number of rounds in as short a time as possible. We bet you’ll be so focused on keeping up your pace that you won’t even notice how much harder you’re working.


Perform each workout (Days I, II, and III) once per week, resting a day between each session. You can add these routines to the end of your existing weight workouts, or you can perform them separately as conditioning sessions. Complete one set of each exercise in turn (known as a circuit), resting as needed between rounds. One time through the circuit is one round.