It seems that man has always had an obsession with having a well-defined chest. Ever wonder why, when a guy joins a gym, the first question he gets asked is how much he benches? If you want to be able to give a respectable answer, should you ever be on the receiving end of that question, this workout is for you.

Below you will find a routine that was put together just for guys who wish to have their pectorals appear as if they were chiseled out of stone. It's designed to target the four areas of the chest: upper, middle, side, and lower.

How it works

Breaking your workout down to "single body part sessions" is an ideal method of training for those individuals who have a specific objective and/or goal in mind. Professionals such as bodybuilders, powerlifters, and athletes have advanced training and experience—and usually their training will include two separate body parts per day. For example, a chest routine in the morning, and a back routine in the afternoon.

Some studies have reported that a 45-minute workout is an ideal training format for growth and development. Typically, your body is in a building state after a 40- to 45-minute session. In other words, it's at its strongest during that time. Any additional time added or infused into the program puts your body in what we call a "recovery mode" because of fatigue—it's also the phase when most injuries occur.


Perform the following exercises for 3 sets each, 8-10 repetitions, 90-120 seconds rest, and increase weight by 10lbs in each set. For the best results, allow your chest to rest at for at least two days before re-training.

Eraldo Maglara is a National Stength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer.