If a chiseled, V-tapered back is the end goal of your mass-multiplying journey, but you're starting off with a wimpy frame and little to no muscle, that's fine.

This workout is your blueprint to build balanced growth, strengthen your large "show" muscles—and the essential small stabilizers—and eventually achieve improved muscle definition.

"If you’re keen on chiseling a rock-hard back, start incorporating the best back exercises for beginners into your weekly routine," says Mike Krajewski, C.S.C.S., owner of MK Fitness in Nashville, TN. Krajewski has used most of these moves to create this beginner back workout.

Use the routine for a few weeks. Then, when you feel it's time to introduce a new challenge, mix in these 10 bodyweight exercises to build your back and the 30 best back exercises of all time. And when you start to get stronger, rotate through these 10 supersizing workouts to do on back day. You'll have an epic fitness transformation in no time.