Summer is back, and so is our most popular training plan: Built for the Beach. Whether you used the winter months to pile on some extra mass, or got lazy and softened up, Built for the Beach 3.0 is this year’s brand-new go-to for getting diced up and boosting performance. If you missed last year's plan, you can find it here.

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How it works

In 3.0 there are two defined parts. Part one is designed for hypertrophy, or muscular growth. You’ll do five straight sets of 4-6 exercises for 8-12 reps with 60-90 seconds rest between sets.  

Day one is Monday: Legs and abs
Day two is Tuesday: Chest, triceps, and abs
Day three is Wednesday: Back, biceps, and abs
Day four is Friday: Shoulders, arms, and abs
Day five is Saturday or Sunday: 45 minutes of steady-state, low-intensity cardio mixed with 15 minutes of sprint intervals or bodyweight HIIT workouts of your choice

What are straight sets? Straight sets mean you perform the prescribed number of repetitions of an exercise, rest, then complete the remaining number of sets before moving to the next exercise.

Part two is designed for muscular and cardiovascular endurance. You’ll be doing three exercises for 10 repetitions each as a circuit. You’ll complete the circuit as quickly as possible, and for as many rounds as possible in 8-12 minutes.

What are circuits? Circuits are a combination of exercises you perform back-to-back with no rest.

Finding your resistance

For part one: Pick a specific rep number between 8 and 12. Find a weight in which you can execute the exercise to “failure” for that rep number you chose. For your first two weeks, be consistent with the rep number and weight you select. This will change in the weeks to follow.

For part two: The plan is calling for 10 repetitions of each exercise, but considering you’re attempting to do a combination of exercises for multiple non-stop rounds for an extended period of time, where applicable, choose a weight you can perform for approximately 15 repetitions.


It's suggested that the plan is followed for 4-6 weeks. Attempt to gradually increase the weight, or the number of repetitions you can complete each week.