Whomever you consider to be the real James T. Kirk—Chris Pine, or his predecessor, William Shatner—there’s no argument over who has the better physique.

Pine’s trainer, Mark Wildman, provided us with the specific routine Pine used to get into Starfleet shape ahead of Star Trek Beyond. Pine's workout utilizes Clubbells, bowling pin–shaped weights that are lifted with various swing and rotary motions. We’d encourage you to try them, but since just about zero gyms carry Clubbells, we’ve modified the workout to incorporate the common dumbbell.

Now, boldly go get ripped.

How it works

Clubbell motions strengthen muscles and connective tissue, but dumbbells work, too—so whether you’re in a bare-bones home gym or a hotel gym while you’re traveling, you can borrow Pine’s training methods for great results. In this case, it’s good to do the exercises for time rather than reps, which makes training with whatever equipment you have more fun. Count up how many total reps you do for an exercise in the workout, then race the clock and try to beat it the next session.


Perform the workout up to twice per week on a separate day from your other weight training. Complete one set of each exercise in sequence, and then repeat the sequence for four rounds. You’ll perform reps of each move for 30 seconds and rest 30 seconds between them. The entire workout should take just 28 minutes. Keep track of your reps on each lift and try to improve those numbers each time you repeat the workout. Be sure to choose weights that allow you to work for the prescribed amount of time, and take into account the multiple rounds you’ll be performing. Be conservative.