For bulging hamstrings, sculpted calves, and enough quad definition to get that thigh "teardrop" like Cristiano Ronaldo, you need a targeted legs workout. So why not use his?

The soccer sensation is enviably shredded, but his routines aren't designed (solely) for aesthetics. And thanks to a new series on the Nike+ Training Club app, we can offer a glimpse into Ronaldo's training regimen, nutrition staples, and success secrets.

We've got his 15-minute routine, courtesy of Ronaldo's trainer—fitness pro and Nike trainer Joaquin Juan—comprising a multitude of bodyweight exercises designed to hammer your legs muscles, build explosive power, and hone greater strength from the ground up.

“The stronger the core, lower back, and glutes, the better Cristiano will move, whether the demand be a short run, explosive drill, or long endurance work," says Juan. "Together, these workouts in the app can create a healthy foundation for athletes of any sport and level."

Download the app and you'll also discover some of Ronaldo’s simple nutrition rules as well. “Eat well, stay hydrated, and sleep properly,” Ronaldo told Nike. “This has been my focus since I started my career.”

More specifically, though, the soccer star fuels his body with clean, easily digested meals, Juan says, like chicken, quinoa, and watermelon for dinner.

And if you thought an international sports superstar doesn't have off days where he's lacking the drive to give it all he's got, think again.

“Some days I don’t feel motivated, but I stop and I say, ‘I have to do it, because it’s going to give me good things in the future,’" Ronaldo told Nike. "This is my motivation. My key is to be focused and to dedicate myself 100% of the time.”

Download the app to unlock more next-level workouts, like his abs workout for a shredded six-pack, and tips from Ronaldo, available July 22.