They say you can do anything for a minute, right? Well, in the case of this grueling workout challenge, that might not be the case.

This 1-minute fitness test will not only challenge your strength and stamina, it will challenge your speed and agility, as well. The two exercises in this routine may sound easy enough on their own, but when combined in this intense circuit, they'll have you counting down the seconds.


At the start of every minute, complete the following exercises as quickly as possible. Rest for the remainder of that minute and begin again at the start of the next minute. (CrossFit types know this as an EMOM workout protocol, for 'every minute on the minute.') Continue for a total of 10 minutes.

Wyatt Krueger, a CrossFit Level-1 coach, owner of CrossFit Amherst, and expert contributor to Men's Fitness and HUMANFITPROJECT, demonstrates the moves.

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