One, two, three too many. We've all been there.

Truth is: Alcohol is a diuretic, and diuretics cause dehydration. Dehydration reduces protein synthesis which hampers the body’s ability to build and rebuild muscle. Dehydration will also reduce performance in the gym itself.

In fact, alcohol consumption (especially on a regular basis) can actually lead to negative changes in the elements of muscle cells, according to a study published in The American Journal of Pathology. The study's findings suggest that alcohol can lead to impairment of skeletal muscle—as well as heart—function. 

What's more: Alcohol is a depressant. While your mood may seem elevated at party time, the following days can be filled with anxiety and jitters.

Sorry, see what we did there? Here's the plan to get your body (and head) back on track

How it works

This blend of strength and hypertrophy training, high-intensity interval training, and yoga will get you back to building muscle and firing your metabolism with moments that promote relaxation and a clear head.


You will work out five days per week, ideally Monday through Friday with Saturdays and Sundays as rest/recovery days. Complete workout one in the morning and workout two in the evening. Follow this program for 2-4 weeks.

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