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The Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Program: The workout to build strong glutes

Torch your lower body on day 4 of the series. All you need is a mini band and a ledge.





This is the Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Program, a series of circuits designed to give you a solid cardio and strength training workout regardless of time, space, and resources.

Consider this your foolproof glutes routine whenever you’re traveling, under a time crunch, or trying to sneak in a workout over the holidays. All you need is a sturdy ledge and a mini band to sculpt a strong lower body. 

How to do it

Complete 4 rounds with little to no rest between exercises and 1 min. rest between sets.

This is meant to be done in circuit form so you can get a cardiovascular benefit from strength training without having to do actual endurance work. You can perform this workout up to twice weekly.

*Editor's note: Place a mini band on your shins when you do crab walks, elevate your feet when you perform glute bridges, and pulse when you do sumo squats.  

Here, Men's Fitness editor Brittany Smith demonstrates how to do the circuit.

Program designed by Liz Lowe, C.S.C.S., head program designer at Scorch Fitness, a high-intensity interval training gym in Sarasota, FL.

Shot on location at EVEN Hotels Brooklyn.