While many of the workouts so far in the Eternal Beach-Body Workout Plan have covered several muscle groups across your body—you should definitely feel a difference in your shoulders and hips at this point—most of those workouts have focused to some degree, whether chest-triceps/back-biceps or simply upper-body/lower-body.

However, this workout—the third in Phase II of the program, and the fifteenth overall—is a true total-body endeavor. It's all here: chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, abs. Every major muscle group will be feeling the burn today. Keep at it, and in a few weeks, every muscle group will be a show muscle, too.


Do each exercise in straight sets; complete all sets of each exercise before moving on to the next.

Make sure you pay attention to the designated rest—30 seconds will go by fast, and you'll be well served by tracking your rest periods on your watch or on a clock.

Because the rest periods are so short and the volume is so high, don't be afraid to choose relatively light weights.