Over the course of the Eternal Beach-Body Workout Program, you'll find that even a few simple variations will make a huge difference for both your overall strength and your physique goals.

For example: This workout, the second in Phase I of the program, will challenge your back and biceps by introducing unilateral cable work. Resist the urge to stack on a ton of weight and yank through these—you'll be far better served by using a relatively light weight and then carefully dialing in your form. Unilateral work—and stability work, as in the Swiss ball crunches—will not only eliminate strength imbalances, but also develop your smaller supporting muscles.

Big-time bodybuilding work will come later. For now, get your form right and trust the process.


Do each exercise as straight sets; complete all sets of each exercise before moving on to the next.

Make sure you pay attention to the designated rest—45 seconds isn't a lot of time, and you'll be well served by tracking your rest periods on your watch or your phone.