Congratulations: You're about to complete Phase II of the Eternal Beach-Body Workout Plan. To get through this phase, though, you need to make it through this challenging workout that will test your overall leg and glute strength with some classic barbell exercises like the deadlift, front squat, and hang clean. You don't have to go too heavy, as the rep counts of these exercises are still relatively high, but you will need to be mentally focused as you tackle this workout.

To wrap things up (and get you a little closer to that beach body you've wanted all this time), you'll get an added bonus of three abs exercises to put the finishing touches on your physique.

One note: You don't have to use a machine for the chest-supported row. If your gym allows, just set up a bench over a barbell, lie face-down on the bench, and row the barbell off the floor.


Do each exercise in straight sets; complete all sets of each exercise before moving on to the next.

Make sure you pay attention to the designated rest. This workout calls for 75-second rest periods. Use relatively heavy weights, but be sure that you can complete the designated reps of each exercise with perfect form. Also, make sure you