"Sex lines"—aka that abdominal V over which every woman lusts—are one of the hardest areas to sculpt. That V-line is created where two muscles meet: the lower abs and obliques. So in order to make them pop you need to perform specific exercises that hit both muscle groups.

We asked Don Saladino, C.P.T. and owner of Drive 495 in New York City, to share his favorite moves—and a workout routine—proven to define the area. Even better: These six exercises will hit your lower core without causing any harm to your back. Do the first three moves as one workout or at the end of your regular full-body routine. Do the last three moves on a separate day, again as one cohesive workout or as a finisher to your regular routine.

But remember: The key to seriously sculpt abs is by eating clean in the kitchen. “You could be doing the greatest abs workout ever, and they'll never be seen because of a layer of fat over them,” says Saladino. So stock up on our fittest foods while adding these moves to your regimen for a ripped core in no time.

Then, put those abs to good use in the bedroom with the best sex positions to get her off every time.