It’s refreshing to see a simple workout. These days, most trainers go the trendy route with routines that are more “YouTube blooper reel” than “proven muscle builder.” Kevin Hart’s trainer, Ron “Boss” Everline (, on the other hand, is definitely old-school. His routine has no Bosu ball squats, no Olympic lifts, no fancy machines—it’s nothing dangerous and nothing you can’t do at home. But it’ll build you an incredible upper body, as Hart’s physique in Central Intelligence proves. And it takes just 30 minutes per workout.

How it works

Hart’s routine focuses on the most basic upper-body builders known to man: the bench press, pushup, row, curl, and dip. Group them and perform them as circuits, and you’ll work the muscles as well as the heart, promoting both size gains and fat loss in a short workout.


Perform the exercises marked with a letter (“A,” “B,” and “C”) as a circuit. So you’ll do one set of each in sequence before resting as prescribed. Repeat for three circuits each (three sets of each move). Complete all the circuits for the first group of exercises before going on to the next one.