Red Bull competitions are known for being extreme. Whether it's the Cliff Diving World Series in Italy or the insane supercross Straight Rhythm Raceway, these athletic feats aren't for the faint of heart.

The only thing more extreme than the competitions themselves? The adrenaline junkies who compete in them.

Enter Kevin Coleman. Not your ordinary pilot, Coleman is a challenger in the Red Bull Air Race, an aerobatic competition that combines high speed, perfect precision, and serious nerves of steel.

Kevin Coleman's G-Forces Core Circuit for the Red Buill Air Race

During the competition, Coleman—the first American to compete in the Challenger Cup, as well as one of the youngest pilots in the series—will experience intense G-forces while performing a series of stomach-turning stunts in the fastest time possible.

Aside from thousands of hours of training and a life-long passion for the sport, there's one thing that gives Coleman an edge on race day: his concrete core.

His six-move, rapid-fire abs circuit is designed to build all-around core strength by focusing on muscles that help with total-body stability—and it just might put your own go-to routine to shame.


Perform this routine as straight sets, completing all the prescribed sets for one exercise before moving on to the next.

The Indianapolis Red Bull Air Race takes places on October 14-15. You can watch the high-flying competition live on NBCSN or on the NBC Sports app.