When teams of 10 burly dudes carrying rope baskets on sticks wildly block, jostle, and bash their way down a field trying to shoot a little ball into a small net goal—that’s lacrosse.

And Kyle Harrison, one of the best players in Major League Lacrosse, the country’s first outdoor professional lacrosse league, would like to get you acquainted with it.

Harrison grew up playing the sport—he was a three-time All-America at Johns Hopkins and the first overall pick in the 2005 MLL draft. He’s a five-time MLL All-Star and two-time U.S. National Team player; Harrison’s now captain of the Ohio Machine, one of the nine teams in the MLL.

The sport is fast-paced and often violent, so being in peak physical shape is essential. As a midfielder, Harrison has to get up and down the field quickly, play offense and defense, and transition, so he trains often and intensely, focusing mostly on cardio and stability exercises.

His workout is similar to that of a soccer player. “My job on the field is to be able to beat people, to dodge, and to move laterally quickly,” he says. “My hips have to be strong, and I have to protect my joints.” His training also emphasizes injury prevention and functional strength.

“I’m a 12-year veteran in pro lacrosse, so my body has taken a beating—so exercises that promote stability, mobility, and balance is where I hang.”

That means lots of plyometrics and daily conditioning with Bosu balls, bands, hurdles, a speed ladder, and medicine balls. For cardio, he does 300-yard shuttle runs, sprinting all out for five yards and back, moving up 10, 20, 30, 40, and then 50 with a minute in-between.

Try his workout yourself, and build a lacrosse-ready body.