Michael Strahan may have hung up his cleats after his Super Bowl–winning 2007 season with the New York Giants, but he’s still a jock at heart.

The Good Morning America co-host and former star of Live with Kelly and Michael trains twice a day, three days a week, and throws in two more single sessions a week for good measure, usually taking weekends off completely. Despite his busy schedule, Strahan still appears on Fox NFL Sunday each week during football season, giving his insight and analysis into the games.

While Strahan doesn’t need to be in defensive lineman shape to handle his fellow GMA co-hosts, his workouts—and physique—don’t indicate he’s lightened up much since exiting the gridiron. We asked Strahan’s trainer for the details of his program.

How it works

“Our morning workouts are high-endurance, functional sessions,” says Latreal Mitchell, Strahan’s trainer. “The second session of the day is heavy lifting—more of a bodybuilding split.” The combination keeps Strahan healthy and lean while maintaining muscle. Included here is a typical morning routine, done as a circuit to keep the heart rate up and build conditioning, and a sample afternoon session, where the back, hamstrings, and abs are targeted.


Perform the morning workout as a circuit. Complete one set for each exercise in turn, resting as little as possible between exercises. Repeat for 3–4 total circuits. (The workout should take 20–30 minutes.) Perform the afternoon workout as straight sets, completing three sets of 10 reps for each exercise in turn.