Myth: The only way to get better at running is by running. Truth: Strength training is an essential component of becoming a better runner. Aside from the obvious leg muscles that need to be worked in other ways than just running to avoid injury and overtraining, there are tons of postural muscles that need to be worked to be strong and mobile to provide stability and improve the integrity of running form. Without these postural muscles, running form breaks down, which leads to injury, meaning a long road to recovery (pun intended). Below is a workout from Monica Eiler, ISSA-CPT that will work all the muscles a runner needs to stay healthy enough to run year-round.

1a. Burpee, 5x15

1b. Weighted Side Shuffle, 5x25 per side

1c. Australian Pull-Up, 5x10

2a. Jumping Lunges, 4x26

2b. Squat, 5x20

2c. In-Place High Knee Jog, 4x60 seconds

2d. Single-Leg Leg Press, 4x20

3. 30 second intervals of stairs, 4 rounds, 1 minute rest between