There’s no doubt about it: Your girlfriend (and all of her friends) are going to talking about Rough Night for at least the next three months. Guaranteed. It’s got all of the makings of a comedy classic: a stacked cast of favorites and a ridiculously insane plot that immediately brings to mind The Hangover and Weekend at Bernie's.

Something else that’s sure to come up in conversation with your girlfriend (or maybe just her friends) is the guy who plays the stripper, Ryan Cooper. The carpenter-turned-model-turned-actor was the favorite during auditions. The only problem: He didn’t quite fit the bill as a Miami stripper. Cooper was tasked with gaining 25 pounds in two weeks. And with this workout, he did it. 

In the above interview, Cooper discusses his movie-prep weight training and diet plan, how this workout was far different from his typical routine, what that audition with Scarlett Johansson looked like, and his unusual path into the entertainment business.

Rough Night is in theatres on Friday, June 16.

See below for the grueling weekly training plan that Cooper used to get himself primed for the big screen.