If there’s one thing about Terry Crews that everybody can agree on, it’s that the man’s in nothing short of ridiculous shape—especially for a guy born in 1968. Whether the actor is popping his pecs in Old Spice commercials or flexing his comedic chops on FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, his build is a big part of his appeal. But his chest and arm workout, which he designed himself, is no laughing matter.

How it works

A former NFL linebacker, Crews draws on his athletic background in this routine. It features the power clean, an explosive exercise that builds total-body power; Crews also likes how it thickens his back and biceps. After the clean, he barrels through some standard bodybuilding exercises, focusing on his pecs, biceps, and triceps.

The results of Crews’ workout weren’t lost on his Expendables 3 co-stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, who complimented his arm development. “I told everybody I knew,” says Crews. “I’m still working out today on that motivation alone.”


Do the workout once a week, resting at least a day before and after any other upper-body training. Paired exercises (marked “A” and “B”) are done as a superset: Perform one set of A, then immediately do a set of B before resting as needed. Repeat the pairing until all sets are done. Perform the remaining moves as straight sets.