We've all done circuit workouts before—but this definitely isn't your everday circuit workout routine.

By breaking multiple exercise into smaller clusters of reps—high pulls + overhead presses, and then dumbbell squats + reverse lunges—you'll work your entire body just a little bit harder than normal, and achieve maximum muscle growth. Toss in a set of renegade rows for good measure, and you're in for a true muscle-builder that'll burn plenty of fat while you're at it.


You'll do this workout as a circuit, meaning you'll complete each exercise consecutively without rest.

As shown in the video and noted below, the progression of exercises is as follows:

  • Cluster 1: 2 dumbbell high pulls + 1 overhead press. Complete 5 total clusters.
  • Cluster 2: 2 dumbbell squats + 1 reverse lunge on each side. Complete 5 total clusters.
  • 10 x renegade row.

That's one circuit. Once you've finished all exercises in the circuit, rest for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat the entire circuit for four to six rounds.

Depending upon your ability, you may shorten or lengthen the rest periods between circuits. You may also complete more or fewer rounds.

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