It's time to drop and give us 20.

Well, 10 actually—and then another 10, and then another 10, and... well, you get the picture. This hardcore upper-body routine will test your toughness, both physically and mentally. Most important, it'll work to boost core strength and broaden your chest.

The first two exercises, both variations on the traditional pushup—the mini-plyo pushup and the dead stop pushup—that will target your pecs, delts, and triceps. A finishing set of flutter kicks and reverse crunches will build your core strength and help define your abdonimal muscles.


You'll do this workout as a circuit, meaning you'll complete each exercise consecutively without rest. Once you've finished all exercises, rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the entire circuit for 5 to 10 rounds.

Depending upon your ability, you may shorten or lengthen the rest period. You may also complete more or fewer rounds.

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