If you really want to strengthen your core while improving your cardio ability at the same time, you're going to need to think bigger than sprints and jumping rope. In this edition of Today's Workout, Trooper Fitness founder Prince Brathwaithe shares a particularly brutal pyramid-style finisher that combines sled pushes with shin-to-bar swings. You'll scorch those extra calories and hammer your core, making sure no fat cell escapes this workout unscathed.

After pulling this off, rest assured you can leave the gym knowing that you took yourself to your limits.


This is a pyramid set. Begin by doing 1 rep (back-and-forth) of a sled push for 40 feet. Then, you'll do 5 shin-to-bars. That's one "superset".

Then, you'll do 2 sled push reps (80 feet total) followed by 5 shin-to-bars, then 3 sled push reps (120 feet) and 5 shin-to-bars. Do another set of 3 sled pushes (followed by the shin-to-bars) and repeat backwards, going from 2 reps of sled pushes to 1 rep, ending the set. You can also substitute shin-to-bars with toes-to-bars.

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