When you look at Lionell Dixon's before and after photos, it's almost impossible to believe it's the same person.

Growing up, Dixon was never sure when his next meal would be, so he ate as much as he could, whenever he could. At that time, his weight wasn't a concern—going hungry was. But what started as a survival mechanism and a form of stress eating became "normal" for him.

Fast-forward to his adult years, and his binge-eating instincts grew with him. Ultimately his weight inflated to 315 lbs.

Dixon's transformation hasn't been easy—he's had two go-rounds. His first came after a trip to South Beach where he felt insecure and out of place. He came home and lost 70 lbs in the first three months from training hard in the gym and honing his diet. But after losing motivation and slipping back into his old habits, he gained nearly all the weight back again. His second, and final, crack at losing weight came after waking up one morning dissapointed in what he saw in the mirror. Finally, Dixon lost a combined 150 lbs.

In this week’s Men’s Fitness Transformation Tuesday video interview, Dixon opens up about his struggles with food, that socially awkward trip to South Beach, his first and second transformation attempts, and what he's learned about training and nutrition while on his path.

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