Everyone knows those last 10 pounds around the belly are the worst. They’re stubborn—and as a result, they often lead most of us down the path of settling.

But who wants to settle for “good enough” when all it might take are a few more readjustments?

If there’s anyone that’s got the fit, family man plan nailed, it’s TODAY weekend co-anchor and NBC News correspondent Craig Melvin. Like a lot of busy guys, Melvin, 37, balances his demanding work schedule with the time he spends with his wife and two kids—and that means his dedicated workout time naturally comes second to a being dad, husband, and committed journalist.

Still, Melvin made the gym time to drop the 10 extra lbs and an impressive inch and a half off his waist. In this week’s Men’s Fitness Transformation Tuesday video interview, Melvin tells us about the TODAY campaign that got him started, what he learned from celebrity trainer Bob Harper, his secret to starting off an ultra-productive day, and the foundation of his motivation: his family.

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