Jonathan Tucker is no stranger to the weight room or even healthy diet habits. In fact, the 34-year-old has been physically fit most of his life. His first test came as far back as the third grade, when he performed in the Boston Ballet Company's The Nutcracker for five years. And thereafter he's portrayed several lean and mean characters throughout his TV and film career.

However, Tucker was professionally tasked with a "transformation," and it came prior to production of the second season of DirecTV's Kingdom—in which he played an MMA fighter required to drop 30lbs to make weight for a fight. Being the natural-born athlete that he is, he knew the challenge would be far more a mental one than a physical one.

In this week's Transformation Tuesday interview, Tucker shares what Kingdom fans can expect to see in Season 3, details around his Season 2 transformation, and how he gets his mind in the right place. Plus, his shoutout from where he gets his legendary fitness advice.

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Check out one of the workouts Tucker used in preperation for his role in Kingdom.