Like many people, Josh Whiting has endured unemployment.

With every uneventful passing hour, Whiting realized he needed an outlet for his spare energy. To help curb his restlessness, he started with at-home workouts, which quickly manifested into hitting the gym for a couple of hours each day. And even as the tide turned for the better and Whiting began working again, his love for working out only grew.

Now, pumping iron on the regular is a major cornerstone of Whiting's life. He's heavily involved in the bodybuilding community, aspires to pursue aggressive competition, and plans to stack even more rock-solid muscle on top of the 10–12 lbs he's already added.

In this week’s Transformation Tuesday interview, Whiting opens up about the challenges of unemployment, discovering the gym, his favorite training style, and just how important diet is to driving a physique to a competitive level.

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Check out Whiting's current muscle-building chest and triceps split below.