When you’re in the Octagon going head to bloody head with a crazy guy who wants to beat the living hell out of you, it’s not enough to simply be able to lift a lot or run really fast or go really far (though that’s an understandable instinct).

No, to win you need to be a completely well-rounded, well-oiled machine capable of handling any physical demand. Any weakness in your armor and you can bet the house that a good fighter will exploit it.

In this workout, designed to train your entire body each session, we’ve got every angle covered—well, minus the technical expertise needed to beat another human being to a pulp. Use it to get into fighting shape, but leave the real fights to the pros.

How it works

You’ll notice that there are no barbell exercises involved in the workout, and moves that do require dumbbells are alternating. This is a critical part of strengthening any muscular imbalances on either side of the body.

Round 1 will test your upper- and lower-body pushing power, along with your core strength.

Round 2 is another total-body variation; however, it will now test your pulling power and strengthen any weak points in your shoulders.

Round 3 will further assist with any overhead situations along with reinforcing leg strength and mobility.

Round 4 is a vicious combination of putting your cardio into overdrive while reinforcing your strength on the ground.

Round 5 further reinforces core strength and eliminates imbalances.


Repeat the exercises in each round continuously for five minutes before moving on to next. Break for 60 seconds between each round. For an extra boost, go through another complete circuit of rounds.

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