Nick Jonas’ body is a lot like his career: It just keeps getting better. You wouldn’t have predicted it back in the day, but this teen singing idol has exploded into not just a Hollywood star but also a physical powerhouse—which is all the more impressive when you consider his grueling schedule and the demands of living with type-1 diabetes. Here, his get-ripped regimen.

His master plan

For Nick, there’s never time for trial and error in the gym—he needs a compact, fail-safe routine. This is it.

Cookie-cutter workouts don’t build Hollywood-worthy physiques—smart, calculated, efficient routines do. Due to the work and travel demands of a megastar, whatever time there is needs to be maxed to the fullest. This comprehensive strategy will put on muscle, break plateaus, and build absolute strength.

How it works

Phase one of trainer Gregg Miele's program centers Nick’s training around “holistic trisets.” Essentially, these are groups of three exercises, back-to-back, that stress the same body part or movement pattern with a variety of intensities, loads, and tempos. This allows you to “target a wide range of muscle fibers and get a large volume of work per session,” he says. The first exercise is performed with heavy weight for low reps at an explosive tempo. The second exercise is moderate weight and midrange reps that are performed smoothly. The third exercise is performed with light weight, for high reps, and done slow and controlled.

Greg Miele is the owner of Heart & Hustle Gym in L.A.,


You’ll work out every other day. At the end of each triset or grouping of three exercises (marked as “A, B, and C”) you’ll rest 3-5 minutes, then repeat for 3-4 sets