For a lot of serious bodybuilders, it’s simply not enough to lift the weights—they take the extra mental step of actively thinking about the body parts they’re working, too (an effort intended to will the muscles into cooperation). Of course, it’s not something science can prove—at least not yet—but thousands of successful lifters with incredible physiques swear by the so-called “mind-muscle” technique. (Who are we to argue?)

Here's a workout designed to help you tap into that unexplainable yet undeniable connection, and grow a bigger chest in just six weeks.

How it works

When you train biceps or calves, you feel the muscles working and burning right away. But many guys have trouble feeling their pecs work in the same fashion. Exercises like the hex press force you to concentrate on the contraction in your pecs throughout the entire set, increasing the muscle activation. This program also uses dumbbell and pushup movements that offer more range of motion than barbell-pressing does. We haven’t neglected strength, however: The incline bench press targets the chest even more intensely than the conventional flat bench press, and it’s easier on the shoulders. You can load it up and go heavy to give your pecs the maximum growth stimulus.


Perform this workout once per week, and give yourself at least two full days of rest before any extra shoulders training. Perform the exercises as straight sets, completing all the sets for one move before going on to the next. Rest as needed between sets, but keep the pace intense throughout.

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