Sure, you want great biceps, but you also want that horseshoe-like definition in the muscles on the backs of your arms: your triceps. Your triceps are actually comprised of three separate muscles that collectively help you straighten your arms. That's obviously key when you're banging out chest presses or dips, but also in everyday life when you're lifting things overhead or throwing a football across the yard. 

Plus, stronger triceps mean healthier elbow joints—since the stronger they are, the better they'll absorb shock and ward off injury.

So, trash your triceps (in the best of ways) with this killer routine programmed by New York City-based personal trainer Nick Rodocoy. While the focus is on those triceps muscles, you'll also hit your chest, biceps, shoulders, and more. This is a great change-up from your go-to upper-body routine. 

Each pair of exercises should be completed as a superset. Work this routine into your week once or twice to see results in just a few weeks.