You feel like a champion because you’ve gone a week without pizza, or beer, or a burger—not even a potato chip has crossed your lips. Your pants fit better, the number on the scale is deflating daily—and you feel freaking fantastic. Then, you’re tailgating and despite your good intentions to avoid the fatty dips and wings and all. that. beer., your team is winning and you’re feeling good and you give in. So now, what’s the point of getting back on track? You’ve “ruined” the diet and it’s all over. You’re doomed for weight loss failure.


There are easy ways to get your diet back on track—no matter how big your “slip up.” That’s one of the premises in Melissa Hartwig’s new book: Food Freedom Forever.

You know Hartwig as the author of the blockbuster of a book The Whole 30. (Read more about that in Paleo Diet 2.0?) Hartwig’s latest read is all about “letting go of bad habits, guilt, and anxiety around food.” That’s something we can get behind.

Here, we asked her for her top tips for getting back on track when you’re healthy eating plans get derailed. Think of this as your holiday survival plan of sorts. For more, pick up the book: Food Freedom Forever, available wherever books are sold or on Amazon.