You're on the resolution wagon and looking for a jump start program aren't you? Well, you've clicked the right link. Why? Because you've found the program that's been designed by Men's Fitness executive digital director Mike Simone, for your exact situation. How's that possible you ask? The Total-Body Reconstruction Plan (as featured in our January/February 2017 issue with Vin Diesel) is built around one simple concept: the mind-muscle connection. It doesn't matter whether you're a complete beginner on his or her first program ever, or if you were at the top of your game a few years back but let yourself go.

These are weight-lifting 101 exercises—with some unintimidating variations—that put the focus on the tempo in which you lift. You'll notice that the daily routines will have one or two exercises that call for extremely-slow repetitions to ensure your tapping deep into the muscle for maximum stimulation. This is the connection that yields long-term results.

The plan is broken in three "splits" of two body parts followed by a conditioning circuit. In total, four days will be spent in the gym while others are reserved for rest and/or cardio. You may follow the plan for 4, 6, or 8 weeks.

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