British singer Craig David has sold more than 15 million records and received multiple Grammy Award nominations. But his most impressive accomplishment in that time might be his fitness transformation over the years.

While David wasn’t overweight or completely out of shape when he started his professional career in 1999, his fitness wasn’t a top priority.

That’s definitely no longer the case.

One look at David’s Instagram and you can see how shredded the singer is now.

Here’s a quick preview of what he’s done:


Another day in paradise #Miami #eatcleantraindirty

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David spoke about his training routine and his body transformation through the years while appearing on the Australian morning TV show Sunrise.

“You can take it almost too far sometimes,” David said on the show. “Then you have to ask the questions of, ‘Who are you trying to get a six-pack for?’ Because now, I just want to be healthy. I like to keep myself in good condition because I want to go on stage and give 110%. That's my reason for it, as opposed to, ‘Let me get a summer six-pack because I need to impress.’”

Here are 11 photos from David’s Instagram account to prove that he’s as shredded as anyone in the business.